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Happy guests - more reviews - higher popularity!

In today's reality, choice of a hotel almost in 100% happens in the Internet. Reviews are critical when choosing a property for accommodation by other travelers. The Informational portal TopHotels is annually visited by over 65 million travelers who can become your guests too! Please note, TopHotels always indicates direct hotel contacts, which allows the Hotelier to increase direct sales.

Widget is a small informational block placed on the page of your web-site. The TopHotels widgets contain information about your hotel and the Call To Action buttons, which invite tourists to join your hotel's community on TopHotels.

Informer is a graphical informational element that is installed on your web-site and used to provide information about ratings or achievements.

To install widgets and informers on your web-site:

Check available widgets for your hotel:

1. Find and select your hotel in the form above
2. Choose a widget you are interesting in and click "get code"
3. Install the code on your site

What are the benefits of informational blocks, which indicates the presence of your property on TopHotels:

1. The widget with rating and reviews on the independent informational portal TopHotels.ru increases the trust of your web-site visitors and allows them to see the high rating of the accommodation facility.
2. Guests reviews at times increase the conversion of the Hotel’s Profile Visitor to the Hotel’s Guest, since reviews increase popularity and affect the recognition of the hotel.
3. Online reputation has a direct impact on profits. Thus, increasing of the rating on an independent informational portal allows the Hotelier to raise the average check by 10% without any risk of losing the load. The higher Hotel’s rating, the more page views and booking conversions.
4. Motivate your Guests to leave positive reviews on TopHotels and thereby raise the reputation of the hotel on an independent informational portal.
5. The resource has a huge audience, and with our help you can interact properly with it, drawing the attention of travelers how highly your guests appreciate the service and hospitality they have been given.
6. Creates the "Queue effect” - many travelers have been at your property and written about it - it is worth to visit!

All the possibilities are always in your hands!

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