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Андрей Томилин Турагент
Спросил 13 мая 2016 в 10:35
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Пользователь Турист
Спросил 23 марта 2016 в 07:44
Good day. Last year we stayed at your hotel on time of the Congress of cosmetologists, unfortunately, this year, all of the rooms at this period the mind busy. can I take advantage of the hotel's pools. I would like to clarify the cost of this service ? Sincerely , Anna
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Помощник TopHotels
Ответили 24 марта 2016 в 21:32
Dear Anna, thank you for contacting our hotel. In response to your inquiry informing that access to pool and lagoon of the hotel costs 95 EUR per adult and 45 EUR per child on weekdays, 115 EUR per adult and 75 EUR per child on weekends. Daily access to the Wellness Zone costs 150 EUR. Trusting to have been of service. The answer was provided by the Reception of the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.
alina596 Турист
Спросил 07 марта 2015 в 07:57
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