Rating Calculation Rules

All hotels in the TopHotels catalog take part in an independent rating based on the opinions of tourists. The rating is displayed on hotel's page, and is also indicated in the list of hotels in Search results. The percentage of tourists who have visited the hotel and recommend it is indicated next to the rating.

What is the hotel rating?

Rating is a key element of the TopHotels structure. Each visitor who wrote a review is invited to rate the hotel by three parameters: accommodation (rooms, territory), service and food.

The maximum score for each parameter is 5 points, the minimum score is 1 point. Hotels, which do not have any reviews yet, have a Zero rating. Ratings vary in color, depending on the number of points. Red color is used to low rating up to 2.9 points. Yellow - average rating from 3 to 3.9 points. The highest rating is marked in green - from 4 to 5 points.

The rating has a significant impact on the hotel image. First of all, tourists are attracted by high-rated hotels. Often, visitors, selecting the search parameters, set a filter by the hotel rating. The high rating attracts new visitors and increases the hotel's popularity.

However, do not worry if the rating of your hotel did not get the maximum of 5 points. Such ratings are extremely rare. A good indicator among tourists are ratings marked in green, which range in average from 4 to 4.5 points....

Hotel rating calculation

Rating is calculated as the arithmetic mean of the sum of points, which are taken from the travellers' reviews on the hotel page.

Only users with reviews moderated by TopHotels take part in rating of the hotel.

Administrative changes in the hotel such as a change in management or/and the owner of the property; change of property name, assigning of a new hotel category, etc. - are not grounds for resetting the hotel rating.

Rating formation is a completely independent process. The TopHotels Administration is not able to affect the rating level in any way.