Using the services proposed by www.tophotels.ru you express your consent with the terms and conditions of the resource.

Using the services proposed by www.tophotels.ru you accept the terms and conditions of the Agreement on Terms and Conditions of Use of the Resource below regardless of you are a “Guest” (it implies simple use of the service by you) or a “Registered User” (it implies registration on the www.tophotels.ru Internet resource) and regardless the purpose and subject of use.



The edition as of June 01, 2014

1. Terms and Definitions

Agreement means the Agreement on terms and conditions of use of the www.tophotels.org resource.

Administrator means administrators, moderators, title holders and other lawful owners of the www.tophotels.ru resource.

Resource (Service) means www.tophotels.ru website.

Materials means information posted on the resource: texts, articles, pictures, videos, and illustrations.

User means an individual or an organization visiting the www.tophotels.ru Internet resource.

Depending on the purpose and the subject of use of the resource there are the following types of users:

1. Common users, i.e. individuals, tourists at most, and persons planning their rest, visiting the resource for personal purposes, without the purpose to make a profit.

2. Commercial users, i.e. legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and their representatives or other persons acting in the interest of the above said subjects visiting the resource in connection with their professional activity and having commercial purposes.

In the text of the present Agreement “commercial users” means including but not limited to the following Users: travel agencies, tourist operators, hotels, tourist search and information systems and other subjects of tourist business and persons acting in their interests.

2. General provisions

2.1. Consent of a User to act in full accordance with all applicable rules of international law and in accordance with this Agreement shall be a necessary term of use of the www.tophotels.ru service.

2.2. Site administrators can change this Agreement at any time. Any changes in this Agreement shall come into force from the moment of their publication on the www.tophotels.ru site. Continuing use of the www.tophotels.ru service you agree to act in accordance with the terms and conditions of the modified Agreement.

2.3. Vising and using the resource means that the User accepts all terms and conditions of the present Agreement to the full extent without any exceptions and restrictions. Use of the resource under other terms shall be not allowed.

2.4. Given that an active hyperlink to the Agreement is placed on the main page of the resource and available to the general public the Agreement shall be deemed as concluded with a specific User from the moment of visit of this User to the resource even despite the absence of registration of the User on the resource.

2.5. The resource administrator has the right to send out text and graphic information to the User, including advertising, using SMS notifications and e-mails. If the User disagrees with the rule specified in this clause, the User is obliged to cancel the mailing by clicking on the corresponding link provided in each letter and / or by sending a corresponding message to the Company’s email address / using the feedback form.

3. Description of the resource

3.1. www.tophotels.ru is an information rating of hotels of the world based on opinions of professionals of tourist business (travel agents) and tourists.

3.2. This resource is a daily resupplied catalogue of hotels of the world containing descriptions of hotels, their pictures and contacts. Every user can leave his/her comments about the hotel he/she visited, estimate the accommodation, service and food in the hotel making additional comments of his/her grades forming the TOP Hotels rating.

3.3. In addition to the general information about hotels, users can find some additional materials and services which can be useful during selection of a place of rest on www.tophotels.ru, for example, information about special actions, hotel news and other relevant information.

3.4. www.tophotels.ru as well as the title holder of this resource neither is a travel agency, nor sells tourist services.

4. Intellectual property. Restrictions of use of the resource

Common restrictions without regard to the User type

4.1. All materials on the www.tophotels.ru resource including but not limited to any documentation, texts, content, data, graphic presentations, interfaces or other materials are protected by international law. Materials of the site can contain trademarks, service marks and trade names (names). All rights reserved.

4.2. Information place by Administrators on the resource, i.e. texts, articles, photos, videos, illustrations shall be property of the title owner of the resource or his/her partners excluding materials authorship of which is stipulated immediately in their content (articles, texts, photos and illustrations) or information loaded by Users.

4.3. Use of the information (text, graphical audiovisual and other) placed on the Site can be performed only on condition of observance of requirements of international copyright law and the present Agreement.

4.4. Design, structure of the Site, graphics and other elements which are protected under international law shall not be reproduced fully or partially to create new information objects excluding cases of contractual or partner relations with Administrators of the resource. At that terms and conditions of reproduction shall be stipulated individually.

4.5. Some parts of this resource can be password protected and require registration of the user who wishes review them. After the process of registration on our site an account and a password giving the possibility to have an access to all services of www.tophotels.ru free of charge, except as otherwise provided shall be provided to the User. The User shall provide confidentiality of the password and bear responsibility for any damage and any obligations which became a consequence of the inability of provide confidentiality of the password.

4.6. The User shall agree not to use www.tophotels.org for:

  • • Loading materials which do not correspond with international law, are harmful, threatening, insulting, libelous, vulgar or indecent;
  • • Personation including but not limited to official representatives of www.tophotels.org or suppliers of tourist services and to reflect a nonexistent connection between you and other persons;
  • • Loading, mailing or any other form of publication of materials which you have not the right to publish;
  • • Loading, mailing or any other form of publication of not required of prohibited advertisement, promo materials, spam and any other advertising materials;
  • • Loading, mailing or any other form of publication of materials containing computer viruses or any other program codes, files or programs created for the purpose of interruption, liquidation or restriction of functionality of any software or hardware;
  • • Hampering or interruption of operation of the Service or servers and networks connected with the resource.

4.7. The User of the resource shall not:

  • • Reconstruct or try to receive access to the initial code, disseminate or create any derivative works based on use of the Resource or any its part;
  • • Enter into the Resource by any ways excluding the www.tophotels.ru interface. In addition, any software access to which is provided on this site including but not limited to all HTML codes and online controls shall be property of administrators.
  • • Any reproduction or dissemination of this software shall be strictly prohibited.

4.8. A Resource Administrator can prohibit/restrict use of the resource by the User by his/her own discretion and without preliminary notice. Reasons of such measures can include but not be limited to:

  • • Violation of these terms and conditions of use or other contracts with the www.tophotels.org administration;
  • • Appropriate requests of law-enforcement or other state agencies; Sudden appearance of operating failures or problems with the security system;
  • • Participation of the User in fraudulent or illegal operation and/or non-payment of any mony sums charged for rendering services connected with the Service.
  • Restrictions on the use of the resource for Common Users

4.9. www.tophotels.ru provides free services designed for private non-commercial use. The User is not allowed using this site to receive profit excluding contractual relations with the Administration of the resource;

4.10. Unless expressly agreed to the contrary on the site this Agreement shall allow the Common User reviewing, loading, cashing, copying and printing the Materials in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

• Any copy of the Materials or a part of them shall contain a reference to the page of the www.tophotels.org resource containing the copied information;

• The Common User is provided with the restricted non-exclusive right to create hypertext links to the main page and inner pages of the resource under the condition that such link does not lead to a false, humiliating, fraudful perception of the www.tophotels.ru resource.

At the same time, www.tophotels.org reserves the right to cancel the above-said permission at any time without giving reasons so any use of the Materials shall be immediately terminated with sending the appropriate notice to the Administrator.

Restrictions on the use of the resource for Commercial Users

4.11. Commercial Users are not allowed loading, cashing, copying and printing the Materials from the Site without receiving a preliminary writing consent of the Administrator of the Site.

4.12. Commercial Users are allowed placing links only to the full version of the Resource and the main page of www.tophotels.org.

4.13. Commercial Users are not allowed placing links to inner pages of www.tophotels.ru including special links with “?_mode – “ without regard to the purpose of their placing.

4.14. Commercial Users are not allowed using any trademarks, logos or trade names from the resource and any other author information including graphical pictures and any text or an interface/design of any page or any form contained on the page of the Site without receiving a preliminary written consent of the Administrator of the Site.

5. Materials transferred (placed) by the User for publication and/or dissemination with the help of www.tophotels.ru

5.1. The User shall guarantee that all information he/she placed is true. The User shall bear responsibility for placing unreliable, false, erroneous information.

5.2. The User shall bear responsibility for validity, correspondence with the real state of things, correspondence with the context, originality and authorship of any placed material.

5.3. The Moderator shall have the right to make corrections in comments with mistakes or obscene words. Comments containing advertisement or any other commercial offers will be deleted from the site. Active or non-active links used in comments will be cut off in the majority of cases. The Administrator/Moderator of the project shall have the right to delete comments/pictures loaded by users without giving reasons.

5.4. The title holder of the www.tophotels.ru site shall not disseminate his author’s rights to the materials accessible on the resource (including pictures and graphical elements) published by the User. However, publishing such materials on the resource the User shall transfer www.tophotels.org the international non-exclusive and free license (permission) to use, disseminate, adapt and publish these materials for the purpose of describing and advertising of the hotel or service. The permit duration shall be ended when the User or the administration of www.tophotels.ru remove these materials from pages of the Site.

5.5. The administration of the resource shall not bear responsibility for the correctness of information in comments. www.tophotels.ru shall not provide control of materials published by Users on the resource. So, it does not guarantee the correctness, entirety or quality of these materials. The User shall evaluate the potential risk and bear full responsibility for use of any materials independently including confidence in their correctness, completeness and utility.

5.6. Administrators can review or not to review materials before publication. Representatives of www.tophotels.ru shall have the right (but not a duty) to monitor, reject or transfer any materials available with the help of the Service.

5.7. Users shall be PROHIBITED to place any materials dissemination of which is prohibited by rules of international law on the resource. Users shall bear responsibility for discrepancy between the content of advertising and information materials and the current international law. Users shall guarantee that materials he/she publishes are not undue advertising and observe privacy, private and family secret, other rights and interests of third persons protected by international laws.

6. Liability restriction

6.1. Administrators of the Site shall apply all due efforts to provide correctness of all information placed on the Site. At the same time, they do not guarantee absolute correctness, completeness of authenticity of the information on the Site and are not responsible for discrepancies, possible mistakes or other defects in the placed information.

6.2. Evaluation of quality of the information placed on the Site, its actuality, completeness and applicability shall be the competence of Users.

6.3.www.tophotels.ru shall give no guarantees. The information and services offered on the Site can be inaccurate because the most part of this information is provided by immediate suppliers of services.

6.4. Administrators shall not guarantee that:

• The service will meet your requirements;

• Results received in the process of use of the service will be exact or trustful;

• Quality of any services, information or other materials acquired by you with the help of the resource will correspond with your requirements.

6.5. Hotel ratings displayed on this site can be used only as general recommendations.

6.6. Administrators of www.tophotels.ru and/or third persons working with them can make changes in the information on this Site at any time.

6.7. Partners of www.tophotels.ru including but not limited to hotels, travel agencies and tourist operators providing tourist or any other services with the help of www.tophotels.ru shall not be agents or representatives of www.tophotels.ru.

6.8. www.tophotels.ru shall not be responsible for actions, mistakes, promises of its partners or third persons placing information on the resource and for violations or non-observance of contracts by them and for any material, moral direct or indirect damage or any other losses due to the above-said.

6.9. Administrators of the Site cannot bear responsibility for any direct, indirect damage connected with use of this Site or with delay or impossibility to use it and for any information, products and services acquired with the help of this Site or received with the help of it otherwise.

6.10. This Site contain hyperlinks to Internet resources controlled by persons who are not connected with www.tophotels.ru. These hyperlinks are published exclusively for information only. The Administrator shall not control these Internet resources and be responsible for their content and use of this content by Users.

6.11. Users shall bear responsibility in connection with clams of third persons to administrators of the Site and Users personally for violations provoked by placing of his information materials.

6.12. Administrators of the resource shall not bear responsibility for temporary failures and interruptions in providing services, for failures and interruptions in operation of communications, other analogous failures and failures of the computer from which the User is connected to the Internet.

6.13. The site administrator does not bear responsibility for possible inaccuracies and mistakes in the specified category of "stardom" of hotels and objective compliance of quality of the hotel services of such category rendered by hotel. The site administrator does not bear responsibility for absence at hotel of category of "stardom".

7. Solution of disputes and applicable legal norm

7.1. In case of publication of the materials contained on pages of the Site without observance of the terms and conditions of the present Agreement administrators shall reserve the right to protect their violated rights in accordance with international copyright law.

7.2. If facts of violation of the terms and conditions of the present Agreement are detected the Administrator shall send a pretrial notice with the request to eliminate disclosed violations at a stated time to the “violator”. In case of non-performance of the specified requirements protection of violated rights and recovery of damages shall be performed in an action at law at the place of registration of the title holder of thewww.tophotels.ru Site.

7.3. Any legal proceedings concerning the present Agreement shall be held in accordance with rules of international law and the terms and conditions of the present Agreement.

8. Final provisions

8.1. If you do not agree with the terms of use or any part of them please restrain from use of the www.tophotels.ru resource.


of www.tophotels.ru resource





The www.tophotels.ru web site pay serious attention to questions of protection of your confidentiality and it is a great pleasure for us to present you this Policy to inform you about measures we take in the process of collection, use and protection of personal information about our visitors and registered users of our site. Personal information is information which can serve identification of people, for example: your name, e-mail, telephone number, postal address, etc.

Using this site you agree with the following terms and conditions:

1. Collection of information

The www.tophotels.ru web site collects personal information when you use our services. For example, when you are registering yourself at the www.tophotels.ru web site we request your name and e-mail. The www.tophotels.ru web site automatically receives and saves information from your Internet browser in its server logs. This information includes your IP address, browser type and a list of pages of our resource you visited. This information not always can be used for your identification. The www.tophotels.ru web site requires entering personal information neither in the search line at the www.tophotels.ru web site, nor in case of link to web sites of third parties.

The www.tophotels.ru web site can receive your personal data and other information from its affiliated persons, business partners and other independent third parties. In case of your visiting third-party sites we can also receive information which you provide to these sites.

2. Use of information

The www.tophotels.ru web site uses your personal information for the following purposes:

• To confirm your right to access to some functions of the site;
• To request products or services;
• To personalize and modify the site content and available proposes according to your search requests;
• To contact you, for example, if you are subscribed to our mailout;
• To improve our service;
• To make reports.

3. Use of data

E-mail addresses, phone numbers received by the Company can be used by the Company to send you messages, including mailings with the right to inform you of any information of a commercial and (or) non-commercial, informational nature and (or) send advertising and information materials about third parties, by sending mailings by e-mail, in SMS messages through communication tools. You can always unsubscribe from receiving such mailings by clicking on the corresponding link provided in each letter and / or by sending the corresponding message to the Company’s email address / using the feedback form. 

4. Disclosure of information

The www.tophotels.ru web site neither lets out for lease, nor sells, nor provide your personal information to other people and companies excluding cases (1) when it is necessary to supply you with products and services you ordered including but not limited to products and services from third parties, (2) when we have the appropriate permission from you, and (3) when the following terms and conditions are valid:

• The www.tophotels.ru web site can use services of third parties helping to make access to our products and services and can transfer personal information to these third parties who concluded a contract on provision of confidentiality of your information allowing using this information only for the purposes stipulated in the contract;
• In case of summon, by court decision and in purposes of protection of our legal rights and protection against legal claims;
• When we think that transfer of information can help to investigate, hamper or take measures relating an illegal activity, in case of suspicion of fraud, in situations implicating a threat to physical security of people, in cases of violations of the Agreement on terms and conditions of use of the www.tophotels.ru web site or when transfer of this information is required by law;
• We can transfer information about you to third parties in case when the www.tophotels.ru web site will be bought or become a part of other company. In this case the www.tophotels.ru web site will send you the appropriate notice to the e-mail address specified in your profile at the www.tophotels.ru web site before other Privacy Policy comes into force in relation to your personal information.

5. Cookies files

The www.tophotels.ru web site leaves cookies on your computer and has an access to them. A cookie is a little volume of information which serves of the www.tophotels.ru web site transfer to your browser and which can be read only by servers of the www.tophotels.ru web site. When you visit the site a cookie saves special data allowing speeding up of the process of using the site. You can deactivate cookies or delete them from your browser in the Privacy Settings or Security section. However, the cookies function shall be activated for viewing some sections of the www.tophotels.ru web site. The www.tophotels.ru web site can allow other companies publishing their advertisements on our pages leave their cookies on your computer and have access to them. Use of cookies by other companies shall be determined by their privacy policy but not privacy policy of the www.tophotels.ru web site. Other companies cannot receive access to cookies of the www.tophotels.ru web site.

6. References to third sites

The www.tophotels.ru web site provides references to third sites and can inform users about products and services of third parties. If you take a decision to visit a third site or use products or services offered at it please remember that this Privacy Policy will not be considered as valid in relation to your actions and information provided by you to the third party. We strongly recommend reading the privacy policy at the resource you visit.

7. Confidentiality and security

We provide your personal information only to the employees of our company who really need it to provide you products or services and to perform their immediate operating tasks. The www.tophotels.ru web site takes procedural and technical measures to prevent loss, illegal use of your personal information and unauthorized access to it and its distribution. We do our best to keep your information in the safe environment which is inaccessible for the strangers.

8. Exchange of information between users of the www.tophotels.ru web site

If you include personal information in your comments at the site, open text margins or other sections of the site designed for public viewing other users can view this information and use it. We do not recommend publish your e-mail and other personal information in such a way if you want to avoid undesirable contacts.

To provide your security the www.tophotels.ru web site does not show your e-mail or contact information to other users excluding cases when you personally request the contrary.

9. Access, viewing and changing your personal information

We propose you the opportunity to receive access to some information, view it and change through the member area.

On your request, we can deactivate your profile and hide your personal information from the project. A letter with a request to confirm deletion of the account will be sent to you. After receipt of your affirmative response the profile will be deactivated in the shortest possible time depending on your activity in the profile. We will save some part of your personal information in our files and databases for analysis and account and for prevention of a possible fraud, solve possible conflicts, help to eliminate problems, help in any investigations, provide performance of our Terms of Use and act in accordance with the current law.

Please remember that in case of deactivation of the account you cannot be authorized on the project using data of this account and use some services of the project. However, you always can send a request to restore your account with the help of the contact form or create a new account.

10. Changes in the Privacy Policy

The www.tophotels.ru web site can change this Privacy Policy. We will advise you about any essential changes by placing a notice on the site.